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From thermometers and data loggers to professional triturators and food plating tools, this selection of cooking utensils will cater for everyone from the home baker to the head chef. Whether you need to speed peel vegetables, dress your plates with garnishing tools or acquire the finest precision scales, you’ll find all the restaurant utensils you need right here. With a broad choice of colour coded chopping boards, serving utensils, speed peelers, bbq, meat and fish preparation tools you can ensure food safety standards are met whilst you cut back on food preparation time. Whether it’s clocks, timers and tab grabbers for the pass, or ladles and tongs for service and turning food on the grill, this extensive selection contains everything to keep a commercial kitchen running smoothly and safely.

For a helpful guide on choosing the right kitchen tools and gadgets for your needs check out our guide to buying commercial kitchen utensils.

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